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Choice vs Choice

I’m not the first person to point out that choosing between consumer products is not at all the same thing as having control of your life in any real sense. Or that meaningless consumer choices are used as a distraction from real choices, even a substitute for democracy. For instance, we can get a cheap burger at McDonald’s or at Burger King, but that doesn’t mean we can find meat that wasn’t pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, let alone avoid the consequences of making such meat even if we don’t buy it (consequences like superbugs).

So today I saw a great satire of that system–a fake gum that took the celebration of meaningless choice to absurd levels. Complete with a Pythagoras quote: “Choices are the hinges of destiny.”

Did I say fake? I mean real. The satire is unintentional.

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  • I’m enjoying these articles, and glad you’re writing so many. Any chance you could get a “leave comment” link on the front page, rather than having to click the article’s title to get the option? I imagine a lot more people would leave comments if it was clear they could do so.

    • Well, I haven’t hard-launched yet–you may be the only person who’s found their way here who’s not a spambot–but I’m getting things in shape and will launch soon (hey, I only recently changed the pub date on the front page from 2011).

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