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Quote of the day: Mike Davis

Thus, the cities of the future, rather than being made out of glass and steel as envisioned by earlier generations of urbanists, are instead largely constructed out of crude brick, straw, recycled plastic, cement blocks, and scrap wood. Instead of cities of light soaring toward heaven, much of the twenty-first-century urban world squats in […]

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The book exists!

I have an actual, physical copy in my hands!

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That is all.

Quote of the Day: Rexford Tugwell.

Came across this quote, from Rexford Tugwell:

“If we lack purchasing power, we lack everything…. There is just one thing to do: Take incomes from where they are and place them where we need them.”

Tugwell was one of FDR’s “brain trust”; he was speaking of the depression of the 1930s, but he could […]

Quote of the Day

Our quote of the day comes from Alexis de Tocqueville:

“We so soon become used to the thought of want . . . that an evil which grows greater to the sufferer the longer it lasts becomes less to the observer by the very fact of its duration.”

Quoted in Henry George, Progress and […]

Allen West is stuck in the 1980s

So, apparently Allen West has “heard” that 80 House Democrats or so are members of the Communist Party. Specifically, the Congressional Progressive Caucus. You know, liberals.

A strange choice of words.

Allen, if you’re reading this, here’s a guide to how conservatives like you refer to liberals, depending on when you’re doing it:

Until […]

What do science journals charge for, anyway?

Here’s some of good news (a bit old now): A boycott by scientists made Elsevier (publishers of many science journals) back off its support of the evil Research Works Act.

From the article:

The boycott targets Elsevier, the publisher of popular journals like Cell and The Lancet, for its aggressive business practices, but opposition […]

How screwed are we? This screwed.

Here’s a chart showing the Club of Rome’s 1972 predictions for the future, as given in Limits to Growth, and how things have worked out since then. Pretty accurately. Frighteningly accurately.

I’ll take the liberty of reprinting it, for those who don’t want to click on the link. It’s copyright etc. the Smithsonian magazine.


Quote of the Day

From Dwight D. Eisenhower:

“If all Americans want is security, they can go to prison.”

Quoted in William Manchester, The Glory and the Dream, page 745

He said that in the 1950s; he no doubt didn’t mean it to be a prediction.


The Healthcare Mess

So apparently, the Supreme Court case on Obama’s healthcare reform is rapidly descending into madness.

Let’s start with the objection to mandates. Paul Krugman gives the counterarguments here. To quote:

Is requiring that people pay a tax that finances health coverage OK, while requiring that they purchase insurance is unconstitutional? It’s hard to see […]

In Defense of the Post Office

Jim Hightower on Common Dreams has an eloquent defense of the Post Office, including the fact that it’s not actually broken at all–the reason it’s having a budget shortfall is that Congress basically tried to kill it.From the article:

The privatizers squawk that USPS has gone some $13 billion in the hole during the […]