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Mussolini or Gingrich? You make the call!

I created the quiz here. Check your Mussolini IQ!

The piece began as a discussion about how surprising it is that a Mussolini hasn’t arisen in the US yet. After all, we have the two necessary ingredients: broken politics and an angry, desperate population. All you need is a politician who directs that anger at the right people and promises (and delivers) some real benefits.

So far, the politicians who try to help us, and those who channel our anger, have been different politicians, but that may change. Certainly, it’s hard to argue that our current politicians are any more sane or restrained than Mussolini. As the quiz shows.

It’s also worth pointing out that there’s hope: while conditions are right forĀ a Mussolini, they’re also right for a Roosevelt. Although maybe that’s hoping for lightning to strike twice.

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