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Allen West is stuck in the 1980s

So, apparently Allen West has “heard” that 80 House Democrats or so are members of the Communist Party. Specifically, the Congressional Progressive Caucus. You know, liberals.

A strange choice of words.

Allen, if you’re reading this, here’s a guide to how conservatives like you refer to liberals, depending on when you’re doing it:

Until 1917: Anarchists

1917-1925 or so: Bolsheviks

1926-1932: Anarchists

1933-1945: Dictators

1945-1989: Communists

1990-2000: Liberals, but said with a smug, vicious sneer, like you’re saying “pedophiles.”

2001-present: Terrorists.

Seriously, Allen, what’s so hard about that? Did you not get an eleven-year-old memo?

Get it right next time, please.


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