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Wink books is doing God’s work

My incessant Googling of my own name recently turned up a review of Economix at Wink Books. It’s been a while since I mentioned a review (although I keep this page updated), and I’m not writing about the review itself now. Point being, I wound up reading their other reviews; it turned out that Wink an interesting site. It’s devoted to print books that should be print books–ones that don’t work as well as ebooks. I think they were being kind to include Economix (which, I’ve heard, works okay as an ebook ), but their other reviews include a lot of innovative and interesting stuff that I hadn’t known about.

Highlights so far include Denis Wood’s Everything Sings (a series of maps of an ordinary California neighborhood), Anthony Grafton and Daniel Rosenberg’s Cartographies of Time (a history of the timeline), and Joe Sacco’s The Great War (a giant pull-out frieze that stretches the definition of “book”).

So (as weird as it may be for me to review a review site) if you think there’s still a place for printed books, or if you’re open to being convinced that there is, check it out!

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