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In France!

French fans: I’ll be in and around Paris starting the end of this week:

April 30: A book signing at BDNET Bastille, 26 rue de Charonne, at 16h00

May 1: A talk with Laurent Cordonnier at Salon du Livre in Arras at 16h15 (Information here)

May 4: Interview and Q&A at La Maison de Université in Rouen

Come and soak up the geekiness!

(The autocorrect kept trying to make that last word “meekness” . . .)


2 comments to In France!

  • MEFFRE bernard

    dear mikael GOODWIN
    i have just read your book : economix !
    its really great and explain clearly so many things !
    i thank you very much for this huge work , together with “esprit critique ” !
    you deserve having the nobel price !
    i have just read today , i.e september 29/2016 , that you came to paris in april or may this year .
    i would so much like to have a chance to discuss with you .too bad !
    i ‘am going to the U.S from time to time .
    my daughter is living in S.F .
    where are you living ?
    east coast ? west coast ?
    please let me know when you are coming to FRANCE , next time !
    all what you say applies to FRANCE , exept that no government,right or left, applies keynes theorie , and
    invest in public work .
    therefore we stay in total stagnation, with massive unemployement !
    i would suggest you to read one book of jacques ATTALI , called : UNE BREVE HISTOIRE DE L’AVENIR .
    maybe you might find it in english .the title could be : a brief history of future !
    you will find some vue concerning the loss of power of the state , every where , and its consequences .
    thanks again for writing this fabulous book .
    and for the bravery and lucidity of your opinions .
    best regards
    bernard meffre
    france . near toulouse

    • Hi Bernard,

      Sorry about the delay.

      Thanks for the comment! I’m in New York, and my email is under the “contact the author” link on the front page. Let me know when you’re in town.

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