What Is Our Children Learning? Part 3.

Welcome back to our examination of N. Gregory Mankiw’s “ten principles of economics.” (Part 1 of this series is here; Part 2 is here). We got through two principles last time, but today we’ll only manage one. It’s a big ‘un:

Principle 4: People Respond to Incentives

An incentive is, according to my computer’s […]

What Is Our Children Learning? Part 2

(See Part 1 here).

Okay, we’ve made it through Mankiw’s Principle 1. Onward to:

Principle 2: The cost of something is what you give up to get it.

This sounds like plain common sense, but it’s actually not — Mankiw is talking about the economic idea of “opportunity costs,” which is a more exact […]

What Is Our Children Learning? Part 1.

So a while back I posted about how economics education as it’s usually done can manage to be dull, misleading, and (covertly) political, all at the same time. Which is, after all, why I wrote Economix, which is not (I hope) dull or misleading, and is overtly political.

But there’s always someone who will […]

New Obamacare comic!

Behold, a comic that explains Obamacare (nearly to death).

It’s here: https://economixcomix.com/home/obamacare.

Czech translation!

You can see it here: https://www.kosmas.cz/knihy/198734/ekonomix/!

Also, it’s tap water with a label

Mother Jones today has one more reason not to buy bottled water: It’s coming from the most drought-afflicted regions of the country.

I’m not saying never buy it. If it’s hot, you’re thirsty, and there are no water fountains nearby, it can make sense to spend $1.50 for a bottle of water. It’s healthier […]

Bob the Angry Flower describes my life without knowing it

Writing Economix took a lot of work—I started in earnest in 2004 and the book wasn’t published till 2012—and the whole time I had a rather loud voice in my head telling me that I was simply throwing away my life.

At some point during those years I came across Stephen Notley’s brilliant Bob […]

Ουδετερότητα του Δικτύου: Τι Είναι και Γιατί Πρέπει να μας Ενδιαφέρει

I didn’t think anyone outside the US would care much about my net neutrality piece–it’s pretty US-centric–but apparently the Pirate Party in Greece cared, so much that they made a translation! It’s here.

And here’s a sample page:

I would have been interested to know what “Spock/Tyrion fanfiction” is in Greece, but they […]

New net neutrality piece!

Behold my take on net neutrality, illustrated by the awesome Ian Akin!

(I have Dan Burr working on a piece on Obamacare, but that will take a while.)

Quote of the day

FDR, who could have been talking about QE, in his first inaugural:

“Faced by failure of credit they [bankers] have proposed only the lending of more money.”