The 2018 Epilogue

Okay, so I let this website languish for a while. I was busy with various things, one of which was a brand-spanking-new epilogue for a new German edition. It’s below! It’s copyright by me. The illustrations are by Dan E. Burr, and the lettering is by Debra Freiberg.

New comic!

Yep, it’s about healthcare too: It’s here: http://economixcomix.com/home/sabotage

The Republican plan to replace Obamacare, in comics!

In keeping with what has apparently become my life plan of “make comics about the fine points of healthcare policy because I can dammit,” here’s another comic about the fine points of healthcare policy. Today, our subject is the best Republican plan to replace Obamacare. Behold: http://economixcomix.com/home/trumpcare/

Kurt Eichenwald Is Peddling Myths

There’s an article by Kurt Eichenwald in Newsweek making the rounds: “The Myths Democrats Swallowed That Cost Them The Presidential Election.” To summarize, it says: Clinton lost because not enough liberals voted for her. They voted for Stein or stayed home. Now they’re horrified, and (in his phrase), “they can go have sex with themselves, […]

Let’s make paralysis work in our favor

Feeling a bit stabby today? Here’s something to do: If you still have a Democratic representative or Senator, write them a letter. An honest-to-God, peel-the-stamp-and-stick-it letter. Tell them that you expect them to fight Trump’s disastrous agenda. And that if they roll over for Trump, you will support—with your vote, with your donations, and with […]

Behold the timeline!

So, back in early 2016 Dan and I did a timeline of economists and economic thought for Les Arènes, the publisher of the French translation of Economix. For you French folks, it is (or was?) available in hard copy with a purchase of the book. For the rest of y’all, here it is: http://economixcomix.com/timeline-of-economists/.

In France!

French fans: I’ll be in and around Paris starting the end of this week: April 30: A book signing at BDNET Bastille, 26 rue de Charonne, at 16h00 May 1: A talk with Laurent Cordonnier at Salon du Livre in Arras at 16h15 (Information here) May 4: Interview and Q&A at La Maison de Université […]


So, the Greek referendum is today. Here’s hoping that it forces some progress in the endless madness that is the Greek crisis. Because so far the Troika has simply been demanding the same things, in the same terms, for years. Is it even a “crisis” when nothing changes for that long? Seriously, check out what I wrote about Greece in Economix, […]

A (poorly thought through) prediction about the Larsen B ice shelf

WARNING: See edit below. So, NASA is now predicting that the remnants of the Larsen B ice shelf will be gone by the end of the decade. I’m going to make my own prediction, just so I’m on the record: It’ll happen faster than that. This coming summer (the Antarctic summer, so Winter 2015-2016 here) or […]

Greg Mankiw Is Everything That’s Wrong With Economics

So anyone who read my rant about N. Gregory Mankiw’s atrocious textbook knows I’m not a big fan. Now comes Mankiw’s recent op-ed in the Times supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: “Economists Actually Agree on This: The Wisdom of Free Trade.” It reminded me of another piece: Sylvia Nasar’s column supporting NAFTA in the very same paper, 23 years ago: […]